During my first semester of college, 16 years ago, I was tasked with creating a product by hand for a fine art class (no computers allowed). I decided to do a wallet. I wanted to brand a logo onto the wallet with spray paint and a stencil. I had never made a stencil before and quickly learned straight lines are far easier then anything organic. I ended up designing a super simple medieval jester logo, primarily inspired by the limitations of my razer blading skills. I ended up loving this little logo, eventually refining it down to what it is today by the time I graduated. 
When it came time to build a portfolio towards the end of my schooling I wanted to brand myself, and not just with my boring and hard to remember name, but something fun. At the time there was "BEEPLE", "GMUNK", "DVEIN", "G'RAFFE", and all these dope alias' my favorite motion designers used. I wanted to do something cool like them. Who am I? Well I love comedy, never take myself too seriously, I try to have fun no matter what I was doing. But I also had a bit of a mischievious side, and got into way too much trouble when I was younger. Rebel Jester was born.
I loved the logo, but was never in love with the name, so at some point in my career I ditched it, but continued sprinkling the logo on my reels, invoices, and websites. Now, 14 years later, nostalgia bit me in the buttox, and I circled back to this idea of wanting to rebrand myself/my studio with something a bit more memorable and fun. The rebel part always bothered me, a rebel would never call themselves a rebel, it felt inauthentic and unispired. Also, it didn't leave anything to the imagination, it needed to tease you a bit, make you think. So, ditch that, Jester? No, too basic, Jest. Stripped down to it's essence it now felt a bit more mysterious and intriging. It also still kept in line with the essence of what I try to instil in all my work, fun, something that makes you smile.