Exxon Mobil 1 // Extended Performance High Mileage Study

Exxon had was conducting a study on their newest high mileage motor oil and wanted to a video to showcase just how great this new product was. Jest and our agency partners were tasked with showcasing these results in a way that was fun and engaging. The caveat was that we had to start the video before the testing was even done, which required a lot of planning ahead - we needed to use the actual vehicle and photos from the study, and didn't actually know what vehicle it would be until we were weeks into production.

My Role

I worked on this solo directly with the agency, who provided a script, some photos we needed to incorporate, and some loose visual direction. I created all the visuals/design/illustrations, storyboards, and animation. We had about a month production time.

Script & Sound Design

CD, Storyboards, Design & Animation