Digital Graffiti 2021 // LED Light Tunnel

In 2021 we were asked to be the artist in residence at Digital Graffiti, a light and projection art festival that takes place every year in Alys Beach, FL. Due to the pandemic, the show was drive-thru only in 2021. The organizers wanted to create something special that would really make this drive-thru experience magical. They decided on a 90 foot long, five foot tall light tunnel. We were given the opportunity to bring this experience to life.
Given the size, nature, and relatively small resolution of these giant jumbotron screens, we decided early on that a particle based, somewhat abstract graphic approach made the most sense. The idea was a Star Wars type of feel, so when you're driving through all these particles are whizzing past you. Tons of movement and color. The festival takes place on the beach, so we also wanted to incorporate that, but in a subtle way. We wanted to only hint at these ocean creatures, doing so through the use of movement more so then literal depictions of ocean life. For example the dolphins jumping from the water look like just that while moving, but if you took a single still frame that may not be obvious at all. It was all about the movement.

My Role

I was given the specs of the installation but otherwise everything was made by me. There was a bit under two weeks budget for this.
Alys Beach
Digital Graffiti