What is Jest?

Jest is the practice of Director-Designer-Illustrator-Animator Sean Van Praag. He has extensive experience in just about every role in the motion design world, but is most passionate about direction and art direction.

Sean also creates work as a solo artist and has been commissioned to create a number of projection mapping installations over the years.

So how did HE get here?

In 2006 Sean decided he was tired of slinging coffee. So, he made the decision to go to Full Sail University. Two years later, in June 2008, under their intense accelerated learning program, he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Digital Art & Design.

He managed to land his first gig that summer at the film title studio, Prologue. He packed a suitcase, and rented a 250 square foot apartment, sight unseen, in Mar Vista, just outside Venice Beach - a dream he had since he was a young lad (the dream being LA, not so much Mar Vista or the 250 square foot apartment).

In 2010, after plugging away in the LA freelance scene for a bit, working for dream studios and clients, Sean felt something was missing, and moved back to his hometown of Cincinnati, OH to be closer to family. Once there he met his now wife, and took a full time job at Lightborne, a local motion design shop, creating some crazy awesome stage visuals and commercials for some super rad bands, brands and musicians.

A year or so later, Sean got the itch to get back into the world of freelance, and bid adieu to the wonderful folks at The Borne. Over the next nine years he continued down this path, right up until the spring of 2020. 

As most others can attest, 2020 put things in perspective. Combine that with remote work becoming more standard, and our little family decided to live out our dreams and move to the beach.

When he's not on the box Sean loves paddle boarding, biking, running, hiking, traveling, spending time with his kids, and just being outdoors as much as possible. 

Select Studios/Agencies
BBDO, Possible, Grey, Lightborne, L+T, Prologue, LPK, Agar, Think Mojo, Logan, Bl:nd, Royale, Imaginary Forces, Roger

Select Clients

AAA, Greenies, Exxon, Sears, Target, Nike, Kenny Chesney, Fitz & The Tantrums, Katy Perry, Ohio Lottery, Intel, Jay-Z, AOL, Diamond Supply Co, Grizzly Griptape, P&G

Primary Skills

Direction, Art Direction, Style Frames, Design, Illustration, 2D Animation, 3D Animation (C4D, Octane, Redshift, X-Particles), Live Visuals, Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping Commissions
Some Kind of Nature - Digital Graffiti - 2013
Systematic Error - Blink - 2017
All Eyes on You - Blink - 2017
Operation Razzle Dazzle - Blink - 2019
*Super Loopy - Digital Graffiti - 2021
*Untitled LED Tunnel - Digital Graffiti - 2021
To The Moon - Blink - 2022

*Artist in residence​​​​​​​​​​​​​​